Tidy Tuesday is a weekly social data project in R. Every week Thomas Mock and the R for Data Science Community post a new dataset and ask R users to explore it and share their findings on Twitter with #TidyTuesday. Since the first dataset was posted on April 2nd, 2018, there are now over 40 datasets and more than 800 #TidyTuesday tweets from 221 users!

I built tidytuesday.rocks to make it easy to see how the community explored each dataset: the data transformations they applied, the plots they made, and the code that got them there. Use the options to filter tweets by dataset and sort them by date, likes, and retweets.

My hope is that you will draw inspiration from the friendly and talented Tidy Tuesday community! And why not contribute your own visualization next Tuesday?

Check it out: https://nsgrantham.shinyapps.io/tidytuesdayrocks

tidy tuesday rocks

(Yes, I bought the tidytuesday.rocks domain name and I plan to move the app there, someday).